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It turned into a free for all wrestling match after that., which didn't last long because Ricky's dad came out and yelled at them all to shut up and go to sleep. The boys retreated into a less than sober silence which was punctuated by muffled giggling. "Where is my underwear?" asked Murray, which provoked a new round of giggles. "Here they are." Ricky handed something to Murray. "That's a piece of Kleenex!" Everybody giggled. "Wait, here they are," said Keith, passing his t-shirt over to Murray, who actually tried to put the shirt on his legs before he realized what was going on. More giggles. Paul slid off his own underwear and handed it to Murray. "I found something smelly, it must be your underwear." Laughter while Murray tried to put on Paul's underwear. "Actually, that's my underwear," said Paul, provoking more laughter. A hand reached over and squeezed Paul's hard dick. He wasn't sure if it was Keith's or Ricky's, but he hoped it was the former. 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